One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Men are 2faced

The first day I saw the first installment of this movies, I told my wife, that is how Everyman is. All men. We have a #2face life. The strength of the man can be judged by how well he can maintain the good side, without letting the tiger in him kick in. Whatever it is that makes you change from being the meek and calm person everyone knows, is that thing called "your last nerve". It is that part of you you don't want people to provoke. It's that part of you that makes you say "you will not like me when I am angry". But as usual, people, will always keep pushing you to the wall. And sometimes, when you get to show them the other side, that is when they know you overreacted. A study once showed that comedian may be the most frustrated amongst us because they make everyone laugh even when they have things that weigh them down. If you hear what some comedians bottle in just so they can still make you laugh, you will agree. One comedian lost his mum in the morning but went to give an outstanding performance at a concert. Then came down and said, "Bros I lost my Mother". Absent minded, i thought he said he lost my number, so I replied, "080333... you lost what?". Many people go to work, put in THEIR best. But trust me, they go home to the worst partners. We all have skeletons in our cupboards. Many may claim not to. But the side of you you don't want others to see, will suffice as your skeleton. As an Italian proverb says, because of where the lizard's stomach is, it's hard to tell which has stomach ache. You don't want to see people's other side...

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