One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sell the Problem you solve.

Most advertising try to sell you the solution... not the product. A drink quenches thirst. Some items make you belong, if to belong is your problem. Others will tell you the kind of peace you will enjoy when you buy their insurance. Christianity, tells you of everlasting life and all the blessings that comes with it IF YOU ONLY BELIEVE AND ACCEPT JESUS. Politicians also use this method. The kind of country you desire will come to you if you vote for them. Your headache will disappear and you can go back to your daily routine. Some ladies will show you cleavage, if they believe it sorts a problem in your life. The truth is, the problem you solve is the reason anyone pays you. That is why you are employed in an organization. They needed a PR manager. You come in and make them look good. Regarding my services, when you see me as an MC or a COMEDIAN, you are seeing the PRODUCT. If that is what you see, you will think it's crazy to pay me the fee I charge. When I am not a doctor, lawyer or an engineer. But if I make you see what my services are, you will agree with me on the fees charged. 1. I WILL MAKE YOUR EVENT GO SMOOTHLY. 2. ALL YOUR PLANS WILL GO AS PLANNED. 3. THERE WILL BE NO DULL MOMENT. 4. YOUR GUESTS WILL LEAVE YOUR EVENT HAPPY. 5. I WILL NOT EMBARRASS YOUR GUESTS. 6. I WILL MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD. 7. THE JOKES WILL BE MATURE AND FRESH. 8. WILL APPLY MY WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE IN ANY UNPLANNED FOR CIRCUMSTANCES. Now those are solutions. The Ali Baba as a product is just what will deliver those services. And from experience, customers are more drawn to value propositions than to be drawn to who you are. That's why when you don't deliver you hear "I did not expect that of you" and when you do well, they say "that's why we contracted you"

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