One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Many people see things in different ways. The Bible says to each according to his ability. Even David would leave a flock to rescue one sheep. We react diffently to situations in life. Road rage is one of such example. One day, in traffic, about 8 years ago, (yes, because Lekki-Epe road from law school was under construction), one man rammed his red GOLF 2 into the back of a billionaire's spotless white G-wagon. This was right in front of Proflex. But just as his orderly came down and wanted to descend on the man, the big oga came down and shouted him down. Told him, the orderly, to get in the car and they left. Did I mention that the driver of the GOLF 2 was lying down to beg, and from his postrated position, I could hear, "Braki mi lo faileee sir! Ejor sir! Braki ni sir!" And as the big man drove off, I saw the guy thank God and hopped into his car and drove off. But as he drove off, I looked at the back of his car, "No Shaking" was written on it. Fast forward to few months after that accident at the 1004 junction, I saw Mr "No Shaking" in front of Institute of International Affairs, holding one Bank Driver by the neck. There was a book launch by one governor and the whole place was blocked. I did not recognize the driver at first, to be honest. It was the No shaking that caught my eye. So I moved in. Kilode? I asked. Still holding on to the bank driver's collar, he told me how he scratched him because he was driving a bank's vehicle. And he was right. It was just a scratch. But come and see how it had backed up traffic on KOFO Abayomi. Anyway, I pulled a trick. I reminded him of how he bashed my G-wagon at 1004 and I left him. He looked at me, tried to place the face, recollected the incident, and dropped the words I will never forget, "Oga, moranti thank you sir, but that na you. Me I no go leave this man". As they say, one man's meat is another man's poison. Or like Psquare said, e get as e dey do me... and e fit no even do you sef. To each it's kind. Don't compare yourself to people who have insured their lives. That insurance is what we all work for. So that when something happens to you, you can absorb it. If you no gather you go scatter. QED

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